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Weekly Wraps (February 20-26, 2012)

D.A. Carson on TGC Women’s Conference, John Starke on B.B. Warfield, Chuck Colson and Timothy George on Obama’s contraceptive mandate, and et cetera.

1. Interview with Don Carson on the TGC Women’s Conference (Tony Reinke) – Carson answers some questions on the first Women’s Conference of The Gospel Coalition (TGC).

2. The Lion Who Died February 16 (John Starke) – Starke on B.B. Warfield.

3. First They Came for the Catholics: Obama’s Contraceptive Mandate (Chuck Colson and Timothy George) – Colson and George calls for action regarding Obama’s mandate. This article is definitely controversial.

4. Thursday is for Thinkers: Eugene Cho (Cho via Ed Stetzer) – Cho on “downward mobility” and “a lifestyle of enough.” Inspiring!

5. The MacArthur Study Bible (NIV) (Phil Johnson) – MacArthur Study Bible on NIV2011. This is interesting.

6. Spiritual Leadership May Be Heartbreaking, but It Is Always Hopeful (Jon Bloom) – Bloom on Moses and leadership. He writes: “Spiritual leadership may be hard and heartbreaking, but it is always hopeful because of where the hope is anchored. Moses’ reward was not the peoples’ admiration, and not even the Promised Land. God was his reward (Hebrews 11:26). And any servant-leader whose reward is God can weather the storms with overcoming faith and joy. Any leader whose reward is something else will not last.”

7. The Strategically Generous Church (Craig Groeschel) – Groeschel on giving strategically. He writes: “Instead of just planning our next building project or fundraiser, we should also ‘plan to do what is generous.'”

8. When the Accounts Are Called: A Christian Understanding of Gambling (Albert Mohler) – Mohler on gambling. Finally, I have a grasp of the issue.

9. “He Knows My Name!” A Defense of Church Member Directories (Tony Reinke)

10. He Knows My Name! He Knows My Name! (John Piper) – Piper on knowing a person’s name. His point seems simple, but is actually profound.

11. Know Your Evangelicals: Charles Colson (Joe Carter)

12. Give Up the Gimmicks, Youth Pastors (Brian Cosby) – Cosby on youth ministry. He pleads: “With all my heart, I plead with you to not be tempted with “success,” professionalism, or the fading fads of our entertainment-driven culture. Rather, pursue Jesus as the all-satisfying Treasure that he is and feed his young sheep with the means God has provided.”

13. Casino Culture and the Collapse of Character (Albert Mohler) – Mohler on casinos. He concludes: “In the final analysis, the greatest danger posed by the casino is not anything that can be determined by economic analysis, because the greatest injury caused by gambling is not financial — it is moral.”

14. 6 Ways Sex Is a Gift (Mark Driscoll) – Driscoll gives 6 glorious benefits of sex.

15. Why Did God Let Paul Become a Murderer? (John Piper)

16. The Power of Clarity in Your Church’s Vision (Matt Steen) – Steen on vision statements. He gives four qualities of a great vision statement.

17. The Southern Baptist Convention Considers Adding Alternative Name: Great Commission Baptists (Joe Carter)

18. Read the Bible Devotionally — and No Less Critically (D.A. Carson) – Carson being interviewed on devotions.


Weekly Wraps (February 13-19, 2012)

Mark Driscoll on marital conflict, Matt Smethurst on Jeremy Lin, Brad House on community, and et cetera.

1. 1 Sinner + 1 Sinner ≠ 0 Conflict (Mark Driscoll) – Driscoll on marital conflicts. At the opening, he writes: “If you are married, you will have conflict. You cannot avoid it because marriage is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person. You are a sinner, and you are married to a sinner.”

2. Faith and Basketball: The Sudden Rise of Jeremy Lin (Matt Smethurst)

3. Hearing the Beat of Your Community (Brad House) – House on community. He wisely writes: “The best leaders become students of their mission field.” As a part of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati, which is a relatively new church in Makati City, I better apply this.

4. Sex In Marriage (Nathan Bingham) – Bingham excerpts from Joel Beeke’s Living for God’s Glory: An Introduction to Calvinism

5. Never Waste a Good Crisis (Tim Challies) – Challies on crisis. He also tackles The Manhattan Declaration.

6. When Pastors Give the Sex Talk (Jay Thomas) – Thomas counsels pastors on how to make sex talk fresh.

7. Evangelical Leaders Call for Civil Disobedience Against U.S. Government (Joe Carter)

8. Valentine’s Day (Mark Driscoll) – Driscoll on St. Valentine and the day attributed to him.

9. How Did Valentine’s Day Begin? (Justin Taylor) – Taylor quotes Maggi Dawn.

10. Made for Relationship (Anna Blankenship) – Blankenship on relationships. She writes: “Our Christian culture has bought into the lie that the only thing we need is God when we were created not only vertically (to be in relationship with God), but also horizontally (to be in relationship with others).”

Weekly Wraps (February 6-12, 2012)

Mark Driscoll on men and provision, Doug Wilson on apologetics, Brad Lomenick on leadership and getting things done, and et cetera.

1. Finance before Romance? (Mark Driscoll) – Driscoll on men and their role as providers. I find comfort in this: “If you meet a woman who will not be satisfied with the level of income and lifestyle that you can provide, then she’s probably not the woman for you. Since it’s your responsibility to provide for the material and financial needs of your family (1 Timothy 5:8), life is much easier when you’re married to a woman who is content with the lifestyle you are able to provide.”

2. Win the Man, Not the Argument (Doug Wilson) – Wilson on apologetics. He writes: “It must be frankly stated that a lot of people who are deeply interested in apologetics need to think a lot less about winning, and a lot more about being winsome.”

3. Write it Down (Brad Lomenick) – Lomenick on leadership and getting things done.

4. How Do I Know if I’m Ready to Marry? (Glenn Stanton) – Stanton on marital readiness. I like what he writes: “The other things — college, career, savings, house — these just might make the process of marrying and starting a family easier, but they are not essential to marriage.”

5. Preaching and Preachers (Kevin DeYoung) – DeYoung on Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ book. I really (badly) want to have one!

6. The Faith of Jeremy Lin: An Interview (Justin Taylor) – Taylor on the “Tim-Tebow-ing” Knicks player, Jeremy Lin. I’m a fan!

7. Sneak Preview of Our 2012 National Conference (John Piper) – Piper on the 2012 Desiring God National Conference, I Act the Miracle: God’s Work and Ours in the Mystery of Sanctification.

Weekly Wraps (January 30-February 5, 2012)

Ed Stetzer on relating with unorthodox people, Joe Carter on Neo-Calvinist and Neocalvinist, Dennis Morris on dating and age, and et cetera.

1. On Heretics and Helpfulness: Relating to Those Outside of Orthodoxy (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer on relating with unorthodox people.

2. What’s the Difference? – Neo-Calvinist vs. Neocalvinist (Joe Carter) – Carter explains the differences of the two terms.

3. Does Age Matter? (Denise Morris) – Morris on the age gap between couples. She writes: “I know friends who would still be single if they hadn’t been open to the idea of dating someone older or younger.”

4. Monday Is for Missiology: Three Important Church Trends and the Elephant in the Church (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer on decline, dropout, and discipleship.

5. When a Small Church Staff Is Better (Craig Groeschel) – Groeschel answers the question on church staff size.

6. The Nature of Waiting (Anna Blankenship) – Blankenship on waiting and serving.

7. Numbers in the Church: Is Bigger Badder or Better? (Kevin DeYoung) – DeYoung on church size.

8. The Elephant in the Room (Voddie Baucham) – Baucham on the Elephant Room 2 (ER2), James MacDonald, and T.D. Jakes.

9. TGC Asks: How Do You Preach a ‘One Time’ Sermon? (Ed Stetzer via John Starke) – Stetzer counsels on preaching a “one time” sermon.

10. Seven Thoughts on the Elephant Room and T.D. Jakes (Kevin DeYoung) – DeYoung on ER2 and Jakes. He questions why Jakes’ prosperity theology wasn’t challenged.

11. Tim Tebow Cancels Speech at Event Organized by Prosperity Gospel Preacher (Joe Carter) – Carter on Tebow’s refusal to speak for a prosperity event. I admire Tebow for his courage to stand up for his beliefs.

12. Four Practical Reasons for Small Groups (Rick Warren) – Warren on small groups.

13. Sex, Marriage, & Fairytales – I’m starting to like Jefferson Bethke and spoken word.

Weekly Wraps (January 23-29, 2012)

Albert Mohler (and others) on abortion, Kevin DeYoung on preaching and God’s Word, Nathan Bingham on John Calvin’s preaching, and et cetera.

1. “Abortion is as American as Apple Pie” — The Culture of Death Finds a Voice (Albert Mohler) – Mohler on abortion.

2. Preach Like You Mean It (Kevin DeYoung) – DeYoung on preaching and God’s Word. I fully agree with this: “The only hope we preachers have for success in the ministry is the power inherent in the word of God. We can have no other confidence.”

3. 10 Distinguishing Marks of John Calvin’s Preaching (Nathan Bingham) – Bingham adapts Steven Lawson’s contribution to John Calvin: A Heart for Devotion, Doctrine, and Doxology.

4. Should I Stay or Should I Go? (Adam Holz) – Holz on trusting God whatever one’s decision is. He writes: “God was more interested in whether I was trusting Him than which fork in the road I took.”

5. Picking the Right People (Dave Kraft) – Kraft on choosing leaders. He writes: “As the size of your group, organization, church or company grows, so does the need for more character-filled, Christ-centered, and competent leaders.”

6. J.C. Ryle, Temperance, and Abortion (John Piper) – Piper learns from Ryle, and applies it in the battle on abortion.

7. What Does Roe v. Wade Actually Say? (Jonathan Parnell) – Piper explaining what the Roe v. Wade decision says.

8. Church Journeys: First Baptist Church of Atlanta (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer visits Dr. Charles Stanley’s congregation.

9. Five Things We Can Do For the Unborn (Josh Etter) – Piper gives practical advise in fighting abortion.

10. Don’t Take It from Me: Reasons You Should Not Marry an Unbeliever (Kathy Keller) – Keller on marrying someone who does not share the same faith.

11. Eight Ways to Live as Pro-Life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President (Jonathan Parnell) – Piper on honoring a pro-choice president.

12. Mutual Submission (Tim Challies) – Challies on “submitting to one another” (Ephesians 5:18-21).

13. James MacDonald Resigns from TGC (D.A. Carson & Tim Keller)

14. Scandal! Ex-Nun Marries Former Priest (Mark Driscoll) – Driscoll on Martin Luther’s romantic life. Cool!

15. Visual Theology – The Attributes of God (Tim Challies) – Challies provides an infographic on God’s attribute.

16. Update on C.J. Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Ministries (Justin Taylor) – Mahaney will resume the role as president of SGM, but only temporarily.

17. Do You Feel Called to Teach?(Jonathan Parnell) – Piper gives counsel to those considering a career in teaching biblical and theological studies.

18. Wordsmithy (Tim Challies)- Challies on Doug Wilson’s latest book, Wordsmithy. I want to have a copy of the book.

19. Evidence of Coming Together on Culture (Tim Keller) – Keller responding to comments on his article on culture.

20. T.D. Jakes, the Trinity, and Truth (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer on Bishop Jakes and on his participation in The Elephant Room.

21. Owning vs. Renting Your Community (Brad House) – House on ownership of the mission within the church. I agree with him.

22. Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus (Jefferson Bethke) – I only saw this video last week while the online community has already seen it weeks ago. Cool video, powerful message.

Weekly Wraps (January 16-22, 2012)

John Piper offers Bloodlines for free, Ed Stetzer excerpts from Martin Luther King’s letter to Americans, Tim Challies compiles resources on sexuality and marriage, and et cetera.

1. Download Bloodlines for Free (John Piper) – Piper offers his book for free. How generous of him!

2. Martin Luther King Jr.: A Letter to American Christians in 1956 (and Today) (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer excerpts from MLK’s letter to Americans. MLK writes: “But America, as I look at you from afar, I wonder whether your moral and spiritual progress has been commensurate with your scientific progress. It seems to me that your moral progress lags behind your scientific progress.”

3. Healthy Sexuality (Tim Challies) – Challies compiles resources on sexuality and marriage.

4. Pastors, Love the Ones You’re With (Daniel Darling) – Darling on 1 Peter 5:2: “Shepherd the flock of God that is among you.”

5. Who Are the 144,000 in Revelation? (Kevin DeYoung) – DeYoung offers his own perspective (meaning, the less popular view) of the 144,000 in Revelation. Interesting!

6. Train Your Church (Craig Groeschel) – Groeschel on setting boundaries.

7. 9 Keys to Reaching College Students (J. D. Greear and Rupert Leary) – Greear and Leary gives 9 lessons from their college ministry experience. I like what they write: “Students are not dumb; nor are the college professors filling their minds five days a week. These students are being challenged with deep questions, and simplistic answers not only fail to persuade them, but actually make them more skeptical of Christianity. So take them deep, and do it often.”

8. Ten Lessons in Organizational Leadership from Steve Jobs (Thom Rainier) – Rainier enumerates the leadership lessons he learned from the Apple icon.

9. How To Plant a Church: Five Principles from Steve Timmis – Timmis on church planting.

10. Preaching & Preachers (Josh Etter) – Etter endorsing D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones book, Preaching and Preachers (40th Anniversary Edition)

11. 10 Ways to Generate More Blog Traffic (Michael Hyatt) – Hyatt enumerates 10 ways to increase blog readership.

12. The Future of Discerning Reader (Tim Challies) – Challies on his book review site’s future. One of his options is to sell it. I hope something good happens.

13. Resurgence College Conference 2011 – A recap video.

Weekly Wraps (January 9-15, 2012)

Krienke on cooking, John Piper on Christian Freedom, Josh Etter quotes Piper and Charles Spurgeon on prayer, and et cetera.

1. Do You Like to Cook? (Martha Krienke) – Krienke on cooking.

2. What Is Freedom? — Filling Out the Passion 2012 Message (John Piper) – Piper on Christian freedom.

3. The Value of Praying Together (Josh Etter) – Etter quotes John Piper on corporate prayer.

4. Why Some Prayers Fail (Josh Etter) – Etter quotes Charles Spurgeon on prayer. Spurgeon says: “Many prayers fail of their errand because there is no faith in them. Prayers which are filled with doubt are requests for refusal.”

5. What Breathes Fire into the Equations? Professor Stephen Hawking at 70 (Albert Mohler) – Mohler on Stephen Hawking.

6. New Research on the Views of Protestant Pastors in Regard to Evolution and Creation (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer on a research among pastor about evolution and creation. 

7. How Should We Talk About Sex? (Ed Stetzer) – Stetzer counsels on how to talk about sex. Helpful!

8. God Accepts Even Your Mediocre Sermons (Michael McKinley) – McKinley heard Phil Ryken talk on preaching. He writes: “Because of Jesus, even your C- sermon is counted as an accepted service before the throne of grace!”

9. Do You Have a Friendgirl? (Suzanne Hadley Gosselin) – Gosselin blogs about the “Friendgirl”. I can really relate on this, as I witness this among my friends and in my youth ministry. Interesting!

10. The Intrinsic Value of What You Do (Yes, You!) (Tim Challies) – Challies, or Matt Perman rather, on vocation.

11. Be Missional, Not Superficially Contextual (Jonathan Dodson) – Dodson on contextualization. I finally have an understanding of it: It “is the intentional process of communicating the historic gospel and teachings of Jesus in contemporary cultural forms.”

12. How To Disagree Online Without Being A Total Jerk (Stephen Altrogge) – Altrogge gives counsel on disagreeing online.

13. The Supreme Court Speaks: A Major Victory for Religious Liberty (Albert Mohler) – Mohler on a Supreme Court decision on religious liberty.

14. Francis Chan, Jonathan Edwards and Marrying Well (Andrew Hess) – Hess on marriage. He wisely writes: “Very few ask the kingdom questions before they marry. Will this marriage make me more effective in my work for Christ? Will this marriage make my spouse more effective for Christ? I believe this is often a missing question as we make our way to the altar. If you are not convinced the person you are marrying will serve Jesus better and help you serve Jesus better, you should not marry him/her.”

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