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Rewind (February 20-26, 2012)

5 blogs:

1. Weekly Wraps (February 13-19, 2012) – Mark Driscoll on marital conflict, Matt Smethurst on Jeremy Lin, Brad House on community, and etc.

2. Rewind (February 13-19, 2012) – 8 blogs.

3. Ending Up Frustrated After Quiet Times – Should I call some of my quiet times failures?

4. What I Think of Livestreamed Services – I’ve been hearing a lot of my friends watching livestreamed services instead of physically going to church for corporate worship. So I’ll take this opportunity to express my opinion on that.

5. Book Review Fridays: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – ‎”Outliers” is a very good read, obviously a work of a brilliant author. If you want to understand more about success, then grab a copy of this book. Let it change the way you view success. I recommend this book to you.


Rewind (February 13-19, 2012)

8 blogs:

1. Weekly Wraps (February 6-12, 2012) – Mark Driscoll on men and provision, Doug Wilson on apologetics, Brad Lomenick on leadership and getting things done, and etc.

2. Rewind (February 6-12, 2012) – 6 blogs.

3. Loving God: The Primary Agenda of Life – We must make loving God the primary agenda of our lives.

4. When My Bank Account Dictates My Love Life – Is financial stability a crucial factor to consider before entering a relationship with a woman?

5. What I Keep in Mind When I Blog – To set an example and pace for other bloggers, here’s what I keep in mind when I blog.

6. Five Crazy Things I Did in the Name of Love – It’s about time that I show the soft side of myself in this blog. And I included an encouragement to men at the end.

7. Should We Feel Guilty if We Are Not Evangelistic Enough? – Here’s my answer.

8. Book Review Fridays: God Is the Gospel by John Piper – ‎This book really made me understand the Gospel deeper. I recommend this book to you.

Rewind (February 6-12, 2012)

6 blogs:

1. Weekly Wraps (January 30-February 5, 2012) – Ed Stetzer on relating with unorthodox people, Joe Carter on Neo-Calvinist and Neocalvinist, Dennis Morris on dating and age, and etc.

2. Rewind (January 30-February 5, 2012) – 8 blogs.

3. I Love the Ministry and She Must as Well – It only makes sense that since I love the ministry, she—the woman of my dreams (whoever she is)—must love it as well.

4. Okay, I Think I’m a Friendgirl – After doing some reflection, you finally thought, “Okay, I think I’m a friendgirl! What do I do then?” Consider a counsel from your brother in Christ.

5. I Love My Disciples – Last weekend (February 4-5), I went to Bataan (and Subic) for an outing with my small group. Let me take this opportunity to share some pictures from our weekend getaway.

6. A Recent Experience and Works-Based Salvation – Know why I embrace and love salvation by grace through faith.

Rewind (January 30-February 5, 2012)

8 blogs:

1. Weekly Wraps (January 23-29, 2012) – Albert Mohler (and others) on abortion, Kevin DeYoung on preaching and God’s Word, Nathan Bingham on John Calvin’s preaching, and etc.

2. Rewind (January 23-29, 2012) – ‎9 blogs.

3. What Churches Can Do for Professionals – So what can churches do for its professionals? Let me suggest a few things.

4. Okay, I Think I Have a Friendgirl – Whether we (men) admit that we have a friendgirl or not, we must face the fact that we actually (at one point of our lives or even now) enjoy the company of a woman who gives us a sense of emotional intimacy, an intimacy unlike from others, but don’t see as a potential wife.

5. What Professionals Can Do for Churches – Now, what can professionals do for their churches? Let me suggest a few things.

6. Share the Blogs, Support Zoy Sauce Etc, and Win a Book – Join the contest now!

7. Professionals and the Church – I wrote three blogs on professionals and the church since last Friday. I compiled them here, so don’t forget to check them out. Enjoy reading!

8. Book Review Fridays: Truth Endures by Phil Johnson and Mike Taylor (eds.) – John MacArthur is indeed a faithful preacher of the Word. If you haven’t encountered him yet, then grab a copy of this book. I recommend it to you.

Rewind (January 23-29, 2012)

9 blogs last week:

1. Weekly Wraps (January 16-22, 2012) – John Piper offers Bloodlines for free, Ed Stetzer excerpts from Martin Luther King’s letter to Americans, Tim Challies compiles resources on sexuality and marriage, and etc.

2. Twenty Eleven: The Making of a Christian Hedonist – It has been my practice to reflect on the year that had passed, and blog about it in the present year. Here are the highlights (and lowlights) of my 2011.

3. Zoy Sauce Etc’s Top 5 Blogs of 2011

4. My Top 5 Books of 2011

5. My Top 5 Sermons of 2011

6. Being Grateful – Redeemed people are grateful people. So if you are tempted to be ungrateful, remember what Jesus did for you.

7. Professionals, I Salute You – To the professionals, from the newly-hired to the near-retiring, from the entry-level to the top executive, I want to say: I salute you!

8. Fasting Week, Intercession, and Intimacy with God – Here are my thoughts on the fasting week, on intercession, and on intimacy with God.

9. Jesus Had to Go Through Temptations First – Before doing any ministry, Jesus had to go through temptations first.

Rewind (December 26-January 1)

5 blogs last week:

1. Weekly Wraps (December 19-25) – Wrapping up December 19-25. Tim Challies on giving, Mark Driscoll on gospel-centeredness, Albert Mohler on the Virgin Birth, and etc.

2. Rewind (December 19-25) – ‎10 blogs last week.

3. What I Do Every Holiday Season – It’s simple compared to others. But I enjoy these times.

4. Distinguishing Love from Companionship – A friend once told me: “Don’t mistake companionship for [romantic] love.”

5. When Letting Go Becomes the Easier Option – Here’s what I realized: Letting go isn’t always the right thing to do.

Rewind (December 19-25)

10 blogs last week:

1. Weekly Wraps (December 12-18) – Wrapping up December 12-18. Josh Etter quotes John Piper on the church, Tim Challies on money, Justin Taylor on Calvinism, and etc.

2. Rewind (December 12-18) – ‎6 blogs last week.

3. Campus Ministers, Don’t Just Win Students to Christ. Win Them to the Church, Too. – I saw students won to Christ, and also won to the church. But I also saw students not won over to the church.

4. Master, Mission, and Makati – If you’re from my youth ministry, chances are you know the phrase “Master, Mission, Mate”. The youth and the young singles may protest: “Enzo, why did you remove the Mate in the phrase, and replace it with…Makati?”

5. Should Unbelievers Feel Comfortable in the Church? – Find out my answer.

6. What if Your Christmas Isn’t Merry? – God should be the ultimate object of our Christmas joy, for He gave us the greatest Gift of all.

7. On Drinking Alcohol: Possible Dangers – I’ll be discussing 2 dangers that relate to the issue of drinking.

8. Some Challenges in My Ministry Shift – While I’m happy to be a part of the Lord’s work in Makati, I would say that my move isn’t without challenges. I have 2 in mind.

9. My View on the Prayer of Acceptance – So what do I think of the prayer of acceptance? I’m going to give my perspective of it, and my practice whenever I speak.

10. While It’s Not Good for Man to be Alone, He Shall Not Live on Bread Alone Either – Young men, before you pursue the woman of your dreams, build your lives on the Word of God!

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