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This is Probably My Last Blog Here, Seriously. Because…

Yes, it’s true. That’s because Zoy Sauce Etc is finally moving to its new domain:

This is just one of the “big” things that is going to happen for Zoy Sauce Etc. So please keep on supporting it.

So please visit the new home of Zoy Sauce Etc. And please bear with me since the site is still under construction.

Enjoy reading at Zoy Sauce Etc’s new home!


Five Crazy Things I Did in the Name of Love

Valentines happened yesterday. And I thought of the crazy things that I did because I was in love. When I think about them, I can’t help but laugh to myself. It’s about time that I show the soft side of myself in this blog.

So in no particular order (Note: “My crush” refers to different women, not one):

1. I bought my crush an original DVD of an anime as Christmas gift. It’s worth more than a thousand peso. But to make my gift presentable, I bought a stuff toy, placed the DVD between its hands, and put it in a paper bag. (The stuff toy below is the same as the one I gave my crush).

2. I bought two shirts with the same print. I gave the other one to my crush.

3. I actually planned to buy my crush a customized version of her favorite chocolate. Meaning, it has her name on it. I’ll have it sent from the States. Good thing it did not happen.

4. I once planned a hang-out that include new friends (and they are many), only because I want to see my crush and know her more. I was even considering cancelling the whole event at one point (even though many have confirmed attendance), simply because my crush became uncertain of joining us. But she did come. My other friends thought that I organized it for the sake of “fellowship”. (By the way, I’m good friends with them, and of course, they now know the whole story).

5. Last but not the least (and actually, I’m still doing this one), I’m praying for the woman I admire every day. I do this even though I don’t feel like doing so, or feel like giving up on her, or would want to pray for somebody else as an “escape”. Now that’s crazy…at least for me. I always pray that she would continually grow in her love and knowledge of the Lord, becoming a woman after His own heart. If she is really for me, I should begin praying for her maturity, right? I don’t want to be with her while she’s in an immature state.

An Encouragement to Men

Of course, I will not end this blog without an encouragement to men. I know it’s really hard not to do crazy things when in love. It’s highly possible that we even do stupid things (which we should avoid at all costs, of course). But once you found a girl that you consider courting and marrying in the future, instead of doing crazy things towards her, you can begin to pray for her just like I do.

I’m still unsure if the woman I’m praying for is the one for me. But as I seek the will of God, expressing my desire to Him, I find nothing wrong including her in my prayers. If she is for me, then my prayers aren’t in vain. If not, still my prayers aren’t in vain, because she grew in the Lord. After all, that is my prayer for her, right?

My Top 5 Sermons of 2011

Below are my top 5 sermons of 2011, along with my short comments on it. In no particular order:

1. Getting Out by Tim Keller – This is Keller’s message for The Gospel Coalition’s (TGC) 2011 National Conference. This is the first Keller sermon that I watched. He preaches on Exodus 14 and shows how it points to Christ.

2. Is Jesus an Egomaniac? by John Piper – Piper’s message for Passion Conference 2010. He let me see God’s “God-centeredness”. This is one of the sermons that made me realize God’s commitment to the preservation of His glory. (There used to be an uploaded video of this in Vimeo. Now, it’s gone. Maybe it’s due to copyright issues).

3. Prayer as a Way of Walking in Love: A Personal Journey by Francis Chan – Chan’s message for Desiring God’s 2011 Pastors Conference. In this message, Chan recounts his prayer life.

4. The Global God Who Gives the Great Commission by Louie Giglio – Giglio’s message for Desiring God 2011 National Conference. He does a good job in helping people see how glorious God is. It feels like Indescribable in a Desiring God conference.

5. The Glory of God, the Lostness of Man, and the Gospel of Christ by David Platt – Platt speaks for Desiring God 2011 National Conference and preaches on Isaiah 6.

Zoy Sauce Etc’s Top 5 Blogs of 2011

I have listed below the top 5 blogs of 2011. My criteria for choosing these blogs on my list are as follows: (1) Readership, (2) Reader Interaction (online and personal), and (3) Personal Preference (yes, I have blogs that I feel good about). Some of them are in series, so I listed them as one. Here they are, along with my short comments, starting with the top 5:

5. Should We Disciple Older People? – This blog is a product of a fruitful, or even heated, discussion among friends. I followed it up with the blog What If I’m Being Discipled by A Younger Person? When I posted these blogs, it garnered attention, sparked conversations online and personal, and drew feedbacks. Many people learned from these blogs, including myself. When my insight was sharpened by the conversations I had, I concluded the discussions with the blog The Disciple-Maker: First and Foremost Grounded on the Word.

4. Singleness, Courtship, and the Sovereignty of God – This is my blog on my journey as a young adult. While I have fears with regards to my love life, the sovereignty of God comforts me. I love this blog because I understood how His sovereignty (theology) and my love life (practical living) are interwoven.

3. What Lucky Me Got Right: Young Men, Waiting, and Pre-Marital Sex – This is my commentary on a Lucky Me (instant noodles brand) commercial on teenagers, waiting, and pre-marital sex. The commercial actually promotes family mealtime. But the discussion revolved around the issue on young men having sexual relations before marriage.

2. If Christ Ain’t Resurrect, Then We Wasted Our Lives: A Post-Easter Blog – This is so dear to my heart. I have long ago understood the doctrine of resurrection, but never embraced its implications until last year. It’s of infinite importance that this doctrine should be true. Else, we have wasted my life. I don’t want a wasted life!

1. Why T.V. Series “100 Days to Heaven” Promotes Bad Theology – This has been my most controversial blog yet. It was read by many, and it garnered a few comments, both positive and negative. I posted this on May, but it was still being read at the latter parts of the year. I wrote 2 follow-up blogs, What’s So Bad About the Theology Behind “100 Days to Heaven” and Coney Reyes: A Reflection of Filipino Evangelicals’ Lack of Discernment? To clarify my thoughts on my Coney Reyes blog, I wrote Some Thoughts on My Coney Reyes Blog.

Special Mention:

Dug Down Deep by Joshua Harris – This review of the book Dug Down Deep was once viewed by Joshua Harris himself, and linked it in his blogsite. I never thought that the author of the book I reviewed will be read by the author himself (just imagine how frightening that is!). But I’m both humbled and honored.

Zoy Sauce Etc is on Blogging Break

Yes, I’ll be on a blogging break for the next few weeks starting tomorrow. This is due to the following:

1. I’ll be planning for the direction of Zoy Sauce Etc, and I’ll be brainstorming for ideas. I’m excited on how the Lord will use my site to exalt His Name and edify His church this 2012.

2. I’ll be busy working on Christ Commission’s Fellowship (CCF) Makati’s young singles team. The team will be launching a young singles gathering every Friday hopefully at the end of month, or at the start of February. I’m expecting a hectic schedule ahead of me.

3. I’ll be reflecting more on my spiritual walk. I need a break to battle the sins of pride, lust, a lack of self-control, lack of discipline, and hypocrisy.

That said, I’ll be deeply asking for your prayers. I would truly appreciate it. And please keep in touch for the resume of my blogs.

Thank you. Happy new year. May the Lord bless you this start of the year. Soli Deo Gloria!

Note: I might still post Weekly Wraps while on my break.

A Favor to My Readers

Let me say a few things:

1. I want to thank you for your support. Since I decided to promote my blogsite, Zoy Sauce Etc has been enjoying higher readership and a better reach than it used to. This is because of you.

2. I also want to ask for your prayers. I’m aware that a higher readership and following might lead to pride and a false sense of identity and security. May the Lord help me to be humble.

3. If you were blessed by a blog I wrote, please SHARE them. Share them on your Facebook wall, groups, and pages. Tweet them on your Twitter. I’m aggressively promoting my blogsite, since I realized that the Lord can use my blogs to bless more people. So I would greatly appreciate if you can help me on this by sharing my blogs to your friends.

To God be all the glory!

Zoy Sauce Etc is now on Facebook

Yes! Zoy Sauce Etc is now on Facebook. You can like ZSEtc by clicking the Like button in the Facebook social plug-in found at the right.

I always find people who are (secretly) reading my blogs. When they approach me, they tell that they are blessed by them. So I figured out that the Lord can use my blogs to reach many people and bless them. That’s why I’m now promoting my blog site.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to ask for your prayers, that the Lord will help me remain humble even as the number of my blogsite’s followers increase. Thank you.

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