Master, Mission, and Makati

I especially dedicate this blog to the young singles core team of Christ’s Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati, of which I am now gladly part of. Anyway…

If you’re from my youth ministry, chances are you know the phrase “Master, Mission, Mate”. And there has always been a huge interest with the last term, Mate, which refers to a future spouse. The youth and the young singles are always excited about this topic.

So they may protest: “Enzo, why did you remove the Mate in the phrase, and replace it with…Makati?” (For readers living outside the Philippines, Makati is a continuously growing city in Manila. It is the home of the country’s primary business district).

Yes, I really replaced it with Makati. And I’ll explain why.

An Unexpected Shift

But before I explain, let me recount my recent ministry journey.

I served in the campus ministry for 3 years, from 2008 to 2010. But at the start of 2011, I became busy with my schooling. So I didn’t get to participate in the campus work. My ministry thrived on accepting teaching opportunities from different groups.

While my teaching ministry flourished, I felt something’s missing. I realized that I actually missed being a part of a community or a ministry team—a group of people to whom I will pour out my life to. So it has been my prayer that the Lord will soon place me into one.

I refuse to return to the campus ministry, since I wanted to give opportunity for its younger leaders. I once heard that there might be a youth group starting in our church’s plant in Eastwood (another residential-business district). I waited, but there’s none. So I said to myself that I’m going to wait for either Eastwood or the Makati church plant to start one. I go to wherever church plant establishes a youth (or young singles) group first.

But last Saturday, Paula, a good friend, told me that Rose, another good friend, is starting a young singles group in the Makati church. So I asked for Rose’s cellphone number. I texted her afternoon next day (Sunday).

She replied and endorsed me to a male leader of their core team, Mike, who is a friend and schoolmate of mine. Mike and I got in touch, and we met the next day (Monday). He shared to me the need of a young singles group in the Makati church, and their vision. I immediately liked their vision.

But here’s what I find amazing. He later told me that he was blessed by a lot of free times, so he gets to read my blogs. Then the Lord once impressed on him to pray for me—that I go to CCF Makati. So there I was in front of him who once prayed that I move to the Makati church (and we never had any communication before I learned of the Lord’s work). I was in awe of the Lord.

Two nights after (Wednesday), I went to the Makati church for a prayer gathering. It was my first time to see the venue. I then had dinner with the core team. I shared how the Lord led me to consider His work in Makati, and I heard from them as well. Their stories were amazing, especially when woven to one another’s!

Rose was there, and she told me that my text message to her was timely. When I texted her, they happened to be having a meeting and were praying for more core team members. Again, I was in awe of the Lord. By this time, I can say that everything is falling into place, that God is orchestrating everything, and that everything is becoming clear to me.

The next evening (Thursday), I met with the male core team members. We refined the existing vision, mission, and values statements for the young singles ministry. After the meeting, I asked myself, “Can I bear the cost of joining the Lord’s vision and cause in the Makati church?” After a prayerful reflection, by faith I made a resolve to willingly bear the costs.

By Friday, I chatted with my discipler, told him of my desire to be a part of the Lord’s vision, and was encouraged by him to do so. Finally, I gave my commitment to the core team, ready to pour out my life to them and the Lord’s vision and cause for the young singles of the Makati church. I was excited and nervous, honored and humbled.

And it all happened in more or less a week. It’s an unexpected shift of ministry.

So What About the Mate?

As a young single, I sometimes think of spending a future with the love of my life. And consequently, I resort to pray to the Lord and meet young and godly ladies. (See my blog Singleness, Courtship, and the Sovereignty of God for a related discussion).

But honestly right now, I see myself pouring out my life to the young singles of the Makati church. I think I’ll do it for 2-3 years, or even more (I set a time frame because I also want to be a part of another church plant, if the Lord wills it. I want to see a church planted in Malate, where I live and study, or in Fort Bonifacio Global City, which is near Makati and is another growing district). And all the excitement makes me forget that I’m a single man on the lookout of a single woman.

I’m not saying that I’ll be close to dating and courtship possibilities. I simply believe that for now, I’ll be developing my intimacy with the Master Jesus, and focusing most of my time, energy, and passion in this newly-given Mission.

But who knows? I might find my Mate in Makati.


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About Enzo Cortes

Enzo Cortes is the Youth Coordinator of Jzone Makati, the youth ministry of Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati. He also speaks for various youth and young adult groups, including CCF Makati's young singles ministry, Friday Night Light. He loves to write, read books and blogs, drink coffee, and watch MMA fights.

2 responses to “Master, Mission, and Makati”

  1. Barbara May Reyes says :

    I’m not saying that I’ll be close to dating and courtship possibilities. I simply believe that for now, I’ll be developing my intimacy with the Master Jesus, and focusing most of my time, energy, and passion in this newly-given Mission.

    –nice enzo. im sad and happy for you. sad kasi mamiss ka namin. happy kasi God is putting you where he intends to put and use you for His glory. invite mo kami diyan. i’m so excited for you! 😀

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