Don’t Assume That I’m Always Spiritually Strong

When I meet with my friends (and I mean those within Christian circles), questions like the following are always asked: How are you doing in school? How’s your family? How’s the ministry lately? What’s the latest news about your love life?

Then we talk about these stuff, along with other topics (such as sports, music, theology, etc.). There’s nothing wrong talking about these.

But I noticed something. Only a few, if not none, would ask me these questions: How’s your walk with the Lord? How’s your Bible reading? How’s your prayer life?

I had to figure out, why? Are these questions that relate to spiritual life reserved only for small group discussions? Or are they too “spiritual” or awkward to insert into conversations? Or is it just because that since I’m a leader in the youth ministry, people are assuming that I’m spiritually strong?

The truth is I’m not always spiritually strong. In fact, I face a lot of issues that drain me spiritually, emotionally, and even physically. And I’d rather that someone ask me about my spiritual life and encourage me, than talk about other stuff. Sure, I love to answer questions that pertain to my schooling, family, ministry, and love life, and talk about them along with other topics. But my spiritual life matters most to me; other aspects are only of secondary importance.

So please, don’t assume that I’m always spiritually strong. I’d appreciate if you ask me about my spiritual life, share me an encouraging verse, or even pray for me.

For a change, I will begin asking friends about their spiritual life. They may find it unusual, even awkward. But as a friend, I should be concerned with what matters most—our relationship with the Lord.

I think I will do this occasionally. I find nothing wrong about it.



About Enzo Cortes

Enzo Cortes is the Youth Coordinator of Jzone Makati, the youth ministry of Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati. He also speaks for various youth and young adult groups, including CCF Makati's young singles ministry, Friday Night Light. He loves to write, read books and blogs, drink coffee, and watch MMA fights.

2 responses to “Don’t Assume That I’m Always Spiritually Strong”

  1. Barbara May Reyes says :

    Super like this katupang enzo! 😀 I myself, I am not always spiritually strong. Can relate so much. More more! Haha.

  2. adrian says :

    bro good reminder. we sometimes forget to ask the important things. hmmm i think i should also improve on this 🙂

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