Weekly Wraps (July 25-31)

C.J. Mahaney on his leave of absence, John Piper on tweeting, Alex Chediak on leadership, and et cetera.

1. Why I’m taking a leave of absence (C.J. Mahaney) – Mahaney blogs on his leave from the Sovereign Grace Ministries. It was posted back in July 6.

2. How Do I Think About Tweeting? — A Response to John Mayer (John Piper) – Piper blogs on tweeting and contrasts to John Mayer’s experience. He says that tweeting “demands thinking. A peculiar kind of thinking—thinking that is capacious, concise, and compelling.” Also, he writes: “Two aims drive my writing of Tweets: One is theological and the other is aesthetic. I aim to say important theological things. And I aim to say them in a compelling way. Whether I succeed is not mine to judge.”

3. Develop Your Leadership Potential (Alex Chediak) – Chediak blogs on leadership. He identifies three characteristics of a leader and gives practical advise on developing them. He jam-packs his blog with so many truths about leadership.

4. Grow Up. Settle Down. Keep Reforming. Advice for the Young, Restless, Reformed (John MacArthur) – MacArthur blogs on the said “Young, Restless, Reformed” (YRR) movement.

5. Grow Up. Advice for YRRs (part 2) (John MacArthur) – Part 2 of MacArthur’s series on the YRR movement.

6. John MacArthur Wants Us to Grow Up (Tim Challies) – Challies blogs on John MacArthur’s YRR series. He calls out that younger people must give MacArthur a fair hearing.

7. John Piper Interviews Louie Giglio (Part 2) – Piper interviews Giglio on Passion Conferences going global, etc.

8. John Stott, The Expositor, Sent at a Crucial Point in My Life (John Piper) – Piper honors John Stott (1921-2011).

9. Why Youth Stay in Church When They Grow Up (Jon Nielson) – Nielson blogs his observations on kids who stay in church. He wisely writes (and this convicts me, especially I’m a volunteer for a youth ministry): “If our students leave high school without Bible-reading habits, Bible-study skills, and strong examples of discipleship and prayer, we have lost them. We have entertained, not equipped them…and it may indeed be time to panic!” Interesting blog!


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About Enzo Cortes

Enzo Cortes is the Youth Coordinator of Jzone Makati, the youth ministry of Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati. He also speaks for various youth and young adult groups, including CCF Makati's young singles ministry, Friday Night Light. He loves to write, read books and blogs, drink coffee, and watch MMA fights.

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