Be Still and Know That I Am God, And…

Two weeks ago, I woke up in a day feeling as if the weight of the whole world was in my shoulders. I was facing challenging times in my schooling and was uncertain of what will happen in the future. But the Lord reminded me of Psalm 46:10:

10“Be still, and know that I am God…”

When I read these words from the Bible, I felt an instant relief. I felt as if the Lord Jesus has placed His yoke on me and is now carrying the heavy burden with me (Matthew 11:28-30). The anxiety within me went away…for now.

But Psalm 46:10 doesn’t stop with the words “and know that I am God.” I assume that we usually stop with the words “and know that I am God” and not continue reading. The words that follow says:

10“…I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” (Emphases added)

Imagine yourself in the following situations. You are in the midst of a financial crisis. Or has a dying loved one. Or in a middle of a crumbling relationship. Then you opened your Bible and read the words “Be still and know that I am God” from Psalm 46:10. That’s a relief, right? But you continue and read the words “I will be exalted.” What do you feel? Do you feel more anxious now?

How I wish that verse 10 of Psalm 46 ended with the words “and know that I am God”! Why? Because the instant relief that I felt instantly went away as well. Before, I was anxious about my situation. Now, I’m anxious as to how the Lord will exalt Himself in the midst of a difficult and even seemingly impossible situation. Honestly, I became more anxious when I read the latter part of the verse.

But I soon realized that His problem shouldn’t be my concern at all. What I should be concern about is becoming still and knowing that God is God.

How the Lord will exalt Himself? I’m really clueless. But He will definitely exalt Himself no matter how hard my situation is. He will glorify Himself!

Finally, there is relief.



About Enzo Cortes

Enzo Cortes is the Youth Coordinator of Jzone Makati, the youth ministry of Christ's Commission Fellowship (CCF) Makati. He also speaks for various youth and young adult groups, including CCF Makati's young singles ministry, Friday Night Light. He loves to write, read books and blogs, drink coffee, and watch MMA fights.

One response to “Be Still and Know That I Am God, And…”

  1. Monica says :

    These words have touched me so much I feel like I can face any problem puts in my way

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